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Accident Injury Doctors

Not all Doctors are the same when it comes to auto accident injuries. We believe in an integrated approach to car accident treatment, which includes a combination of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.

Auto Accidents can occur anytime

Of course, car accidents can happen to anyone and generally when you least expect it. Moreover, every car wreck is different and the injuries sustained unique to your specific medical history, age and health. For example, we have detailed statistics on how differently male and female patients heal after a collision, which is just one of many factors impacting your recovery.

Should I feel pain after my car accident?

Generally speaking, you should feel a sensation ranging from numbness to lack of motion. However, many auto injuries including whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can take several days and even months to feel. Most importantly, your immediate symptoms of pain or numbness may be the sign or more severe damage. Many Accident Doctors will focus on treating the immediate pain only and ignore the underlying injury.

In addition, in most PIP states you generally have a time limit to see a Physician after a car accident. For example, in Florida you have 14 days to see an Accident Doctor after a car wreck to qualify for PIP coverage. Nonetheless, you should seek medical care within 72 hours of the automobile accident.

Will delayed treatment impact my personal injury claim?

Both delayed treatment and gaps in treatment can damage your personal injury claim.  Not to mention, delayed treatment can cause unnecessary surgeries, increased pain and longer recovery.  A qualified team of Accident Doctors will produce a treatment plan that should be followed carefully.  The insurance company will interpret delays or gaps in treatment as a sign that you are not really injured, which may impact your personal injury claim.

Contact our Auto Injury Clinic today if you need to be checked out by a Medical Doctor after your car accident.  We accept all types of insurance including PIP and NO Fault, attorneys liens, third party billing, med pay, and in some instances you do not need an attorney to get care after a car accident.

Do I need to see a Chiropractor or Medical Doctor after my car accident?

We believe in integrated Medicine which includes Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.  While a Medical Physician can prescribe medications to help with pain, Chiropractic care uses hands on treatment.  Chiropractic care can also help with the following car accident injuries:

Reduced inflammation using Ultrasound
Hands-on/Non-invasive care
Helps reduce scarring and tissue damage
Naturally manage pain with limited medication
Helps restore muscle strength in the body
Avoid unnecessary surgeries
Correct range of motion and stiffness
Identify the source of pain
MRI, X-Rays and other imaging services

Can massage therapy help my automobile injuries?

We believe in an integrated approach to car accident treatment.  To explain, integrated medicine includes a combination of Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors who specialize in collision injuries.  While a Medical Doctor can prescribe medication and MRI, a chiropractor uses hands on treatment to identify the source of pain.  Together, each specific accident Doctor can focus on their specific field of experience, while allowing others to contribute as needed. 
Physical Therapy is a key component of integrated medicine.  Physical Therapy is used to help treat trigger points, increase circulation and reduce scar tissue.  In addition, Physical Therapy can help reduce inflammation, increase range of motion and encourage muscle relaxation.  On the other hand, delayed treatment can lead to additional injuries and increased pain and recovery.

What other types of diagnostics are used for Automobile Accidents?

There are many types of diagnostics used after a car collision. For example, you may receive Ultrasound to help reduce inflammation and pain. In addition to X-Rays and MRI, treatments may include massage therapy, electro-muscle stimulation, traction and heat. Any good Accident Doctor is able to provide all of these services for car wreck injuries. Moreover, each of these treatments needs to be carefully documented to help support your personal injury claim. Most importantly, we provide a detailed treatment plan that explains each phase of the treatment process.

Don’t delay treatment after any automobile collision. Delayed treatment can lead to additional injuries and increased pain and injury. Call today to schedule an appointment at the Louisville Injury Care Clinic.

How can i find the Best Accident Doctor?

When finding an Accident Doctor, make sure that they understand the documentation required for personal injury case. Documentation of your injuries and treatment may be required if your case goes to court. In addition, your personal injury doctor may be needed to represent your case, which is another reason why your Family Doctor may not treat your Accident Injuries. Our team of Accident Doctors Work together to produce all documentation required for a successful personal claim case

How soon should i see a car accident doctor

To begin with, you should never wait to see a Doctor after a Collision. Moreover, you cannot rely on your Primary Care Doctor. Your Primary Care Doctor cannot accept the billing required for car wreck injuries. We generally recommend seeking medical care within 72 hours of the automobile accident. In addition, you only have 14 days after the accident to qualify for PIP or No Fault insurance.

Next, you need to find an Car Wreck Doctor who specializes in Auto injury treatment and will accept third party billing. Third party billing commonly includes PIP, LOP, Auto Insurance and Med Pay. Not to mention, you should never pay out of pocket for auto injury treatment.

What types of payment will an accident doctor take

Third party billing to the auto insurance company
Med Pay
Attorneys liens
Medical Liens
Health insurance ( in rare cases)

Delayed treatment and gaps in treatment may also hurt your personal injury claim. The insurance company looks at delayed treatment as a signal that you are not injured and do not need medical care. In addition, make sure to explain all of your pre-injury conditions before treatment. Pre Existing conditions will not hurt your claim and could actually help provide long term rehabilitation if needed.

Our auto accident doctors are here to help

Get the auto accident treatment you deserve from a team of Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists.  We accept all forms of automobile insurance including PIP and No Fault.  Remember that you only have 14 days to qualify for PIP coverage in some states.